Month of Performance Art - Berlin — May 6th, 2013
NeuHoch Micro Event Space, Berlin, Germany

"Inside a small empty shop space in a residential area of Berlin, a woman wearing stilettos kneels on all fours atop a pale green table. Her long hair is tousled with cake, ice cream and soil, her stockings are ripped at the front and stuffed with flowers. The tiled floor below the table is soiled with the wet entrails of a large watermelon, which now lies on the table in front of her, filled with the root structure and earth of the flowers, and topped with whipped cream. From behind, the image is as unsettling as it is compelling. Two large, creamy celebration cakes are stuffed inside the woman’s stockings, creating the image of a huge, bulging bum. Inside the crack between the cakes, and dripping down the inside of her legs, is the sticky, red syrup from a whole jar of strawberries. The final detail of the whole scene (the ‘cherry on top’) is six lit sparklers sticking out of the bum cakes.

The surrounding crowd totals around 35 people in the small space, and the Turkish locals are even standing at the window, taking in this vivid image from behind glass. [...]"+

Programmed with : Frank Homeyer

Curator : Performer Stammtisch (Jörn J. Burmester & Florian Feigl)

Images : Jörn J. Burmester, Webb-Ellis, Photo Booth

Rendue possible grâce à une bourse de déplacement du Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.